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Empowering the Screen-printed Electrodes Family

  • 13-12-2022

MicruX designs and manufactures a wide variety of electrochemical sensors, including screen-printed electrodes. Printed electrodes offer an excellent tool for the development of low-cost chemical (...)

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Customized Screen-printed Electrodes

  • 04-10-2022

MicruX manufacturing services provide an excellent tool for designing and testing a wide variety of customized devices with a very competitive price. These services are already available for the (...)

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ECSens Potentiostat Multiplexing Capabilities

  • 06-09-2022

MicruX ECSens® (ref. ECSENS100) is an ultra-compact potentiostat specially designed to use screen-printed electrodes or other sensors available in the market. ECSens® is a first-class entry (...)

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New Ultra-compact ECSens Potentiostat

  • 01-03-2022

February ends with the introduction of a new product, the ECSens ultra-compact potentiostat (ref. ECSENS100)! It is the most compact and affordable electrochemical sensing interface, that has been (...)

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New Dual Screen-printed Electrodes

  • 27-01-2022

New year starts with a new product reference of screen-printed electrodes (ref. ED-D2PE-C)!!! They are fabricated by printing technologies on a flexible and high resist PET substrate. These (...)

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