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ECSens Electrochemical Sensing Interface

ECSens Electrochemical Sensing Interface

A first-class entry-level ultra-compact and affordable electrochemical sensing interface, integrating a miniature potentiostat for electrochemical studies and biosensors development.

Main features:

DC-potential range

± 1.08 V

DC-potential resolution

250 µV

Maximun current

± 0.75 mA

Current range

6.5 µA to 0.75 mA (7 ranges)


Multi-channel mode


USB-C pendrive



ECSens Electrochemical Sensing Interface

Entry-level ultra-compact and afforable potentiostat for initial electrochemical studies with the most common electroanalytical techniques, enabling a true on-site voltammetric and amperometric analysis. USB interfacing and fully controlled by MicruX EC Manager Lite software with multiplexing capabilities. Compatible with thick-film single-electrodes.

ECSens Electrochemical Sensing Interface

Dimensions: 36 x 15 x 8 mm (L x W x H)

Operating modes: Potentiostat (multi-channel mode available)

LED indicators: power on, cell on

Comm. interface: USB-C

Power supply: USB

Operating temperature: 0 ºC to +50 ºC

DC-potential range: ± 1.08 V

Compliance voltage: 2 V

DC-potential resolution: 250 µV

Applied potential accuracy: ≤ 0.1%

Current ranges: 6.5 µA to 0.75 mA (7 ranges)

Maximun DC current: ± 0.75 mA

Current accuracy: ≤ 0.1 % (at Full Scale Range)

Measured current resolution: 0.002 % of current range (130 pA on 6.5 µA range)

Housing: Aluminum case

Weight: < 5 g

Certificates: CE

Details: MicruX ECSens is provided with an electrode pack (S1PE) as well as all the accessories and software for interfacing with the computer and sensors.


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