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Single Electrodes (S1PE)

Single Electrodes (S1PE)

Single screen-printed electrodes are based on a classical three-electrodes approach with one carbon working electrode (WE), a silver reference electrode (RE) and a carbon auxiliary electrode (AE). Low-cost solution suitable for electroanalysis, flow systems, nanotechnology or biosensor development.


Printed Carbon Single Electrode

Thick-film Carbon Electrode

Carbon-based screen-printed electrodes with a classical three-electrodes approach. Ideal to work with microvolume, showing an excellent intra- and inter-electrode precision. Useful for developing low-cost, disposable chemical sensors and biosensors. Different accessories available.

Thick-film Carbon Electrode

Dimensions: 27.5 x 10.1 x 0.35 mm

Substrate: PET (white)

Electrodes material: WE: C / RE: Ag / AE: C

WE size: 3 mm Ø (7.1 mm2)

Applications: Electroanalysis, flow systems, nanotechnology, chemical sensors, biosensors

Contents: 50 units/box

ED-S1PE-C (50 units/box)

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