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New Dual Screen-printed Electrodes

  • 27-01-2022

New year starts with a new product reference of screen-printed electrodes (ref. ED-D2PE-C)!!! They are fabricated by printing technologies on a flexible and high resist PET substrate. These low-cost and disposable electrochemical sensors enable the use of small sample volumes as well as multiplexing applications. The dual screen-printed electrode consists of planar dual-working electrodes suitable for simultaneous detection sharing the reference and auxiliary electrodes.

The new sensors are compatible with all the current connectors and platforms available for thick-film electrodes, such as the SPE cable (Ref.  ED-SPE-Cable), SPE connector box (Ref. ED-SPE-BOX) and the AIO-SPE platform (Ref. ED-AIO-SPE). So, if you are already using MicruX thick-film electrodes, you do not need any additional accessories to start trying them.


Currently, these electrodes are on promotion. Special Electrode Pack consisting on: 50 printed electrodes (Ref. ED-S1PE-C or ED-D2PE-C) acquired with a connector (Ref. ED-SPE-Cable, ED-SPE-Box or AIO-SPE CELL) is available with a special discount. You can access to this offer through our webstore or directly requesting a quote without any compromise for all purchase orders processed before February, 28th. Don´t miss out this offer!!!

MicruX team from Sales & Marketing Department will be glad to support you with any doubt or query. You can keep in contact using our Chat Online or by contacting us at sales@micruxfluidic.com.

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