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MicruX Technologies is an innovative technology-based company founded in 2008 as spin-off of University of Oviedo (Asturias, SPAIN).

This company arises from the collaboration between two research groups of the University of Oviedo: Immunoelectroanalysis group led by Professor Agustin Costa-García (Department of Physical and Analytical Chemistry) and Optoelectronics group led by Professor Jose Rodríguez-García (Department of Physics).

MicruX rises up with the main aim of developing and manufacturing innovative solutions in microfluidic devices, electrochemical transducers and miniaturized analytical instrumentation taking advantages of the most recent Lab-on-a-Chip technologies. Thus, MicruX brings to the market the most innovative tools for research and industrial laboratories around the world.


MicruX Technologies is proficient in microfluidics and electrochemical detection systems especially designed for research and educational activities.


MicruX Technologies develops miniaturized, automated and portable analysis systems based on microfluidics and electrochemical sensors


We provide support for our products with software releases, application examples and publications in which are used some of MicruX research solutions

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