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Participation in International R&D Programs 2020 - FASTDID

  • 31-12-2020

The international proposal “Fast Diagnosis detector and mass screening tool for emerging and re-emerging Infectious Diseases (FASTDID)” submitted by MICRUX FLUIDIC S.L. during the (...)

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Participation in International R&D Programs 2020 - SYMFAPI

  • 31-12-2020

The international proposal “SYsteM for integrated Forensic of APIary products (SYMFAPI)” submitted by MICRUX FLUIDIC S.L. during the year 2020 has been funded by Government (...)

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Participation in International R&D Programs 2020 - PoCMICRUX

  • 30-12-2020

The international proposal “An affordable Multi-Analyte Point-of-Care system for chronic diseases Self-Control and Management (PoCMICRUX)” submitted by MICRUX FLUIDIC S.L. during the (...)

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Cyber MONDAY 2020

  • 30-11-2020

BLACK FRIDAY is ending, but don't worry, CYBER MONDAY is coming up…. (...)

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Black Friday 2020

  • 23-11-2020

BLACK FRIDAY is on MicruX, and this year, we are bringing something special for you. This year, MicruX has available exclusive offers, but not, just the Friday, also the entire week from 23 to 27 of (...)

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Multiplexed Electrode Chips

  • 16-11-2020

MicruX has wide experience in the design and fabrication of thin-film electrodes. Thus, MicruX provides a wide variety of designs adapted to multiple electroanalytical applications. In this sense, a (...)

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Accessories for Screen-Printed Electrodes

  • 28-09-2020

MicruX is proficient in the design and development of thin- & thick-film electrodes. However, these sensors require additional accessories for making easy their use in multiple analytical (...)

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New Smart Peristaltic Pumps – LP series

  • 25-05-2020

MicruX is proud to extend the LP series Multi-Channel Peristaltic Pumps. LP series offers basic speed control function peristaltic pumps, flow rate calibration function peristaltic pumps and (...)

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COVID-19 Challenges – R&D Projects support

  • 29-04-2020

Currently, all the society and especially the scientific community is facing with new challenges in order to fight against coronavirus (COVID-19). (...)

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COVID-19 Information

  • 16-03-2020

MicruX is aware about the current situation of COVID-19 in Spain. Currently, the Government has decreed the ALARM STATE throughout the Spanish territory. MicruX is following closely the main (...)

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