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COVID-19 Challenges – R&D Projects support

  • 29-04-2020

Currently, all the society and especially the scientific community is facing with new challenges in order to fight against coronavirus (COVID-19).

Diagnostics of COVID-19, especially for asymptomatic people, is an important challenge to be accomplished. Rapid tests to assess the actual spread of coronavirus are key to managing and reducing the general confinement that is gripping people and economies worldwide.

Development of sensitive and specific tests is key for governments, medical personal and society in order to decide whether schools and business can be re-opened, people can return to work in a safety and health environment and avoid the oversaturation of health systems that are straining already scarce resources.


MicruX is a R&D performing SME with extensive experience in the design, development and fabrication of electrochemical sensors, microfluidic devices and miniaturized platforms that can support the advance of novel rapid tests for coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2).

MicruX has a wide product portfolio including electrochemical and microfluidic solutions used in multiple applications around the world [+]. Moreover, MicruX has a broad experience in international collaborative R&D projects [+]. MicruX is your right partner in order to support your R&D projects for COVID-19, offering innovative solutions adapted to your requirements [+].

Please don’t hesitate to contact with our technical staff in order to discuss your specific projects. MicruX is going to give its best for helping the society in this global pandemic.

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