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Black Friday and Year End Deals

  • 29-11-2019

End of the year is coming up with outstanding new products released along the past months. Thus, MicruX would like to celebrate the release of all these new products with several offers and promos. This Black Friday until end of the year, MicruX will have available at the webstore multiple deals with up to 25% off.

Black Friday Deals

This year, MicruX has released a new branch of printed electrochemical sensors with multiple accessories, including the multipurpose All-in-One SPE Platform for using these sensors in static (Batch-cell) or dynamic (Flow-cell) conditions.

Also, MicruX had a very special release with the new portable All-in-One Electrochemical Workstation: MicruX ECStat. It is a very compact and portable analytical equipment including a Bipotentiostat / Galvanostat with built-in Impedance (EIS) Analyzer.

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