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Thin-layer Microfluidic Single Sensors

Thin-layer Microfluidic Single Platinum Sensor

Thin-layer Microfluidic Single Platinum Sensor

Three platinum electrodes approach integrated into a 40-µm height SU8 microchannel. Useful for FIA systems. Compatible with AIO and Multi8x AIO cell with TL add-ons.

Thin-layer Microfluidic Single Platinum Sensor

Dimensions: 10 x 6 x 0.75 mm

Substrate: Glass

Microfluidic stage: EPON SU8 resin

Channel width: 250 µm / 1mm (EC-cell)

Channel height: 40 µm

Inlet / outlet: 0.7 mm Ø

Electrodes material: Ti / Pt

Electrodes thickness: 50/150 nm

WE size: 0.3 mm2

Channel volume: 55 nL

Applications: Electroanalysis, flow systems, nanotechnology, chemical sensors, biosensors

Contents: 20 units/box

TL-SE1-Pt (20 units/box)

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