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New Syringe Pumps - NE series

  • 02-02-2021

MicruX is proud to extend the NE series Syringe Pumps. NE series offers affordable programmable pumps to your sophisticated dispensing and flow control applications. Features include infusion and withdrawal, computer interface and advanced programming options.

A new range of syringe pumps is now available at MicruX. New NE-1002X and NE-4002X microfluidic pumps offers smooth pumping at ultralow flow rates. Both systems are programmable and allow infusion/withdrawal operation mode.

The NE-8000 One Channel 200 lb. force syringe pump is designed with stainless steel syringes in mind for applications with strong back pressure or higher fluid viscosity, such as emulsification processes. The NE-8000 operates independently and is programmable through its keypad.

Syringe Pumps

Currently, the new syringe pumps are available in our webstore. Syringe pumps as well as peristaltic ones are very useful in multiple laboratorial and industrial applications. The broad variety of pumping systems can fulfil the specific requirements of each customers. Visit our webstore to check all the pumping systems available!!!

In case you have a specific need for your application, please contact us. MicruX team from Sales & Marketing Department will be glad to support you with any doubt or query. You can keep in contact using our Chat Online or by contacting us at sales@micruxfluidic.com.

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