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New Flexible Thick-film Carbon Electrodes

  • 26-09-2019

Summer ends and Autumn is already here, but, don’t worry, MicruX is working to bring you great news. Thus, MicruX is glad to extend its electrochemical solutions branch with the New Flexible Thick-film Carbon Electrodes.

Thick-film electrodes are fabricated using the most advanced printing technologies, providing low-cost, disposable devices on a flexible and high-resist PET substrate. A great solution for multiple electroanalytical applications including the development of chemical sensors and biosensors for field analysis.

New Printed Electrodes

The new thick-film electrodes (Ref. ED-S1PE-C) are based on a classical three-electrodes approach, with a carbon working electrode (WE), a silver reference electrode (RE) and a carbon auxiliary electrode (AE). These new electrodes are a perfect complement for our well-known thin-film metal-based (micro)electrodes, sharing several common advantages such as low sample consumption and non-tedious pre-treatment procedures [+].

The new printed electrodes are already available on our webstore with a special 5% discount [+]. Moreover, MicruX also provides several accessories for an easy interfacing of the devices with any kind of potentiostat [+]. These accessories can be purchased together the new carbon-based electrodes with an extra 25% discount. Don´t miss out these launch offers!!!

MicruX team from Sales & Marketing Department will be glad to support you with any doubt or query. You can keep in contact using our Chat Online or by contacting us at sales@micruxfluidic.com.

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