MicruX >> Products
MicruX >> Products

MicruX develops and manufactures a wide variety of standard microfluidic devices, electrochemical sensors and other analytical tools for research and educational activities. All the products can be also manufactured with the specific customer's requirements. MicruX portfolio covers the following product brands:

» Microfluidic Chips

Microfluidic ChipsReusable microfluidic electrophoresis chips manufactured in different designs with integrated (micro)electrodes for electrochemical measurements. The electrodes and microelectrodes are also available in different designs and materials [+].

Electrochemical sensorsReusable metal-based (micro)electrodes fabricated by thin-film technologies on a pyrex substrate. The thin-film electrochemical sensors provide a useful tool for electroanalytical applications, including the development of (bio)sensors [+].

Microfluidic PlatformsEasy-handle microfluidic & electrochemical platforms for interfacing MicruX microfluidic chips and electrochemical sensors. The interfaces enable the use of the MicruX microfluidic devices and sensors in a very easy way [+].

Portable instrumentationPortable and compact analytical instruments (high voltage power supplies, potentiostats...) for an easy use of microfluidic chips and electrochemical sensors. MicruX instruments bring the perfect solution for multiple in-situ applications in microfluidic and electrochemistry research field [+].

Teaching packsMicruX develops and implements advanced laboratory protocols for Analytical Chemistry Practical Courses. These practices enable undergraduate & posgraduate students to acquire skills in both, separation techniques (capillary electrophoresis) and electrochemistry [+].

Accessories & ReagentsMicruX provides any additional complementary tools as well as reagents necessaries to suitable work with microfluidic devices, electrochemical sensors and portable analytical instrumentation [+].

News & Events
March 02, 2015
New web supporting tool: LIVE CHAT!!! [+].
February 23, 2015
Events: 16th Topical Meeting of the ISE (Angra dos Reis, Brazil, 22 - 26 March 2015) [+].
February 16, 2015
MicruX new distributor at Southeast Asia [+].
February 02, 2015
Events: Lab-on-a-Chip & Microfluidics (Berlin, Germany, 17 - 18 March 2015) [+].
January 12, 2015
New Year Special Offers [+].
November 26, 2014
Prof. Richard Compton (Oxford University) visited MicruX' facilities [+].
November 19, 2014
Updated MicruX' Catalogue. Try our new Online Catalogue [+].
November 12, 2014
Job opportunity: MicruX is hiring new talents [+].
November 10, 2014
New Product: Special designs of InterDigitated Electrodes [+].
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