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MicruX offers different pumping systems for the use of microfluidic and electrochemical solutions developed by MicruX or any other supplier.




» Multi-channel Peristaltic Tube Pump

Peristaltic pumps offer a low cost solution with an excellent performance for most lab applications with flow systems.

Peristaltic Pump» Main Features:Speed: 0.1 to 100 rpm, reversible.
Speed precision: 0.1 rpm.
Control mode: Membrane keypad (start/stop, direction and speed). External control (signal and communication control) is available.
Display: 3-digit LED displays current speed. Dimensions (D x W x H): 232 x 142 x 149 mm
Total weight (without head): 2,3 Kg

Pump heads are designed for micro-flow rates (from 0.002 to 30 mL/min) and multi-channel (2 or 4) fluids transfer. Easy to change and fix the tubing. Occlusion can be adjusted slightly. The rollers adopt high quality materials (10 stainless steel rollers). The pump head consists of base, rotor assembly and easily dismounted cartridge.

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» Single & Dual-channel Syringe Pumps

Syringe pumps offer a suitable solution for high accuracy and small flow rate liquid transferring.

Syringe Pump» Single-channel Syringe Pumps (just infusion)LSP01-1A & LSP01-2A are single-channel syringe pumps which only have infusion mode. These pumps are very easy to operate including a LCD display with rotary coded switch and a simple membrane keypad.


Syringe Pump» Single-channel Syringe Pumps (infusion / withdrawal)TJ-3A / W0109-1B is a single-channel syringe pump with infusion / withdrawal mode. The controller (TJ-3A) and drive unit (W0109-1B) are separated. It combines precision, compact size and multiple functions with ease of operation. Moreover, other controller (TS-1B-B) is also available for managing up to four drive units.


Syringe Pump» Dual-channel Syringe Pumps (infusion / withdrawal)LSP02-1B is a multi-channel syringe pump with infusion/ withdrawal mode. This pump is very easy to operate including a LCD display with rotary coded switch and a simple membrane keypad.

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