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micrux technologies

MicruX provides easy-handle microfluidic & electrochemical interfaces for using the microfluidic electrophoresis chips as well as electrochemical sensors in a very easy way.






The drop-cell connector provides a true user-friendly interface with the potentiostat, enabling the use of microvolume (1 – 10 µL sample drops) with all standard (10 x 6 mm) thin-film (micro)electrodes supplied by MicruX.

Drop-cell» Main Features:Dimensions: 50 x 30 x 25 mm (W x D x H)
Material: Aluminium base + methacrylate cover
User friendly (tool free assembly)
Easy and fast replacement of the electrodes
Reusable - long-life

The drop-cell connector is supplied with an universal cable compatible with any commercial potentiostat. The universal cable is also used with the flow- / AIO-cell.

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The innovative All-in-One cell provides an unique multipurpose interface with movable add-ons that can be easily interchanged for using the standard (10 x 6 mm) thin-film (micro)electrodes supplied by MicruX. The AIO-cell enables the use of the thin-film (micro)electrodes in static (Drop / Batch-cell) or dynamic (Flow-cell) conditions, fulfilling the requirements of multiple analytical applications.

AIO-cell» Main Features:Dimensions: 60 x 40 x 30 mm (W x D x H)
Material: Aluminium base + methacrylate cover
Easy and fast electrode replacement
Different movable add-ons are available
Easy add-ons assembly (tool free)
Reusable - long life

The All-in-One cell is provided in two basic versions, the base cell + one add-on (ref. ED-AIO-CELL-2x) or the base cell + two add-ons (ref. ED-AIO-CELL-3x). Additional add-ons can be provided with the base cell, up to ten different units in PMMA (standard) and PEEK (on demand). The add-ons can be also supplied by separated and they can be customized (materials / designs) taking into account the specific requirements of the customers. Different accessory packs are also available to be used with the AIO platform [+].

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Microfluidic interface DC enables the use of standard microfluidic electrophoresis chips (38 x 13 mm) with integrated electrodes. The platform provides the electrical contacts for detection and voltage electrodes on integrated PCB.

Microfluidic platform DC» Other Features:Dimensions: 100 x 65 x 15 mm (L x W x H)
Material: black-methacrylate
Integrated wells for introducing solutions
HV electrodes: integrated platinum wires (300 μm Ø)

The platform also integrates 2-mm female bananas for interfacing with the analytical instrumentation.

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