MicruX iHVStat

The integrated HVStat, codename iHVStat (ref. iHVSTAT2012), brings the second-generation of automated microfluidic electrophoresis systems.

iHVStat combines a high voltage power supply and a bipotentiostat for dual amperometric detection in a more integrated and compact equipment.

MicruX iHVStat

The smart portable electrophoresis system has dimensions of 165 x 150 x 95 mm (L x W x H). The microfluidic platform (DC series) is now integrated on the instrument enabling the use of the complete platform without any external cable.

The system is fully controlled by a user-friendly PC software, MicruX Manager.

MicruX Manager

iHVStat is the perfect solution for researchers who would like to start using microfluidic platforms in a very easy way.

iHVStat is a powerful analytical tool for simplifying the work with microfluidic electrophoresis systems in the research labs. It is the perfect microfluidic platform for developing new applications in food, environment and health field.

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