New Product: Multi8x All-in-One (AIO) Platform

MicruX is glad to announce the release of the new innovative electrochemical platform for thin-film (micro)electrodes: Multi8x All-in-One cell (ref. ED-MULTI8x-AIO-CELL) [+].

The new Multi8x All-in-One (AIO) cell provides a multiplexing interface with movable add-ons that can be easily interchanged for using up to eight standard (10 x 6 mm) thin-film (micro)electrodes supplied by MicruX.

Multi8x-AIO Platform

The multi8x AIO-cell enables the use of up to eight thin-film (micro)electrodes simultanously in static (Drop / Batch-cell) or dynamic (Flow-cell) conditions, providing a multiplexed detection system in several applications.

As special release offer, the new Multi8x All-in-One Platform will be supplied with 20 free thin-film (micro)electrodes to be selected between all our standard ones. This offer will be available for all the purchase orders placed before 31 December 2017.

Currently, the multi8x AIO cell is provided in two basic versions, the base cell + one add-on (ref. ED-MULTI8x-AIO-CELL-2x) or the base cell + two add-ons (ref. ED-MULTI8x-AIO-CELL-3x). Additional add-ons can be supplied with the base cell, up to eight different units in PMMA (standard) and PEEK (on demand). The add-ons can be also supplied by separated and they can be customized (materials / designs) taking into account the specific requirements of the customers. Different accessory packs are also available to be used with the multi8x AIO platform [+].

pdf Multi8x AIO Platform brochure [+]

For further information about the new platform and offers contact us at

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