New Product: Multi-electrode Chips Platform

MicruX is proud to announce the release of the new Multi-electrode Chip Platform (ref. ED-ME-CELL). The Multi-electrode chips Platform provides a simple and robust interface with a multi-potentiostat for using the thin-film multi-electrode chips supplied by MicruX [+].

Multi-electrode Platform

The new multi-electrode platform consists of a main unit with chip accomodation and electronics, two interconnection boxes and universal cables for interfacing with any commercial multi-potentiostat. The platform enables up to 48 individual connections.

The platform enables the use of on-demand sensors, up to two 18.5x15 mm chips or one 37x15 mm chip [+]. In the same way, tailored multi-electrode chips adapted to this platform can be manufactured with the specific requirements of the customers. The interface (connector box, cables…) for a specific multi-potentiostat can be also customized.

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