New Year Special Deals

From MicruX, we would like to wish you all the best for this New Year 2016!!!

For this new year, MicruX has available different special offers that might be a good chance for trying our most innovative electrochemical and microfluidic solutions.

New Year Offers

The basic Electrochemical Flow-celll provides a suitable solution to use the standard thin-film (micro)electrodes in dynamic conditions. Now, you can save a 30% by purchasing the EC flow cell [+].

The All-in-One platform provides an unique multipurpose interface with movable add-ons that can be easily interchanged for using the standard thin-film (micro)electrodes [+]. Currently, the AIO platform is supplied with 20 free thin-film (micro)electrodes to be selected between all the standard references [+].

Finally, a special add-on has been developed for using the new microfluidic electrochemical sensors with the AIO platform in flow systems [+]. Currently, you will get 10 free microfluidic electrochemical sensors by purchasing the new thin-layer add-on.

All these special offers will be available for new purchase orders processed before 31 March 2016.

Please contact us in order to get further information about our products and offers:

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