New Products: Microfluidic Electrochemical Sensors

MicruX is proud to announce the release of the new brand of Microfluidic Electrochemical Sensors. Thin-film technologies enable the integration of microfluidics and electrochemical sensors in a small single device (10 x 6 mm). Integrated thin-layer hybrid SU-8/Glass chips offer a suitable solution for flow injection analysis (FIA) systems [+].

Microfluidic Sensors

A basic microfluidic structure (single-channel) is included in the SU-8 layer on a glass substrate containing the metal-based (micro)electrodes. Different single-electrodes (SE) or interdigitated array (IDA) microelectrodes, made of gold or platinum, are integrated on the microfluidic chips.

Integrating microfluidics with electrochemical sensors allow the improvement of fluids control on the electrode surface. Microfluidic electrochemical sensors are used as thin-layer based flow-cell in flow injection analysis (FIA) systems. Microfluidics enable the accurate control of low sample/ reagents volume (just 55 nL internal channel volume) through the electrodes.

Microfluidic sensors are compatible with the innovative All-in-One (AIO) platform [+]. A special add-on has been developed for using the microfluidic electrochemical sensors in a flow system with a thin-layer approach.

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